Our #BuildConfidence campaign celebrates, informs, and empowers parents, caregivers, and mentors to model positive self-esteem and body image.

Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad!


We want every mom, dad, and caregiver to have the information and resources they need to model healthy self-esteem and body image for their children. That’s why we put together two #BuildConfidence Toolkits:

The kits feature the most effective strategies, talking tips, and resources. Special thanks to our partners Common Sense Media and Girls Leadership for helping us develop these resources!



Mother's Day

We were thrilled to premiere our #BuildConfidence campaign to celebrate the parents, caregivers, and mentors in our lives who helped us build healthy self-esteem and body image. It launched just in time for Mother’s Day to give moms a special shout out.


Father's Day

For Father's Day, the #BuildConfidence campaign empowered and honored the dads, caregivers, and male role models who've helped us build healthy self-esteem and body image!



As we got ready for the new school year, it was critical to think beyond school supplies and new clothes and take a moment to have an authentic conversation with our children about building their inner strength and confidence. Check out our Twitter chat for real moms and dads' strategies.


Blog Series

To help get ready for school, we teamed up with to release a series of blogs, written by moms and dads with kids of all ages, that talk about how they #BuildConfidence.


We created the #BuildConfidence campaign in light of new research showing that body image issues originate well before adolescence and that parents are pivotal in instilling confidence in their children. We wanted to know more, so we partnered with Florida-based TWTW Companies for Mother’s Day. They surveyed 500 women nationwide with daughters ages zero to ten years old. Highlights from the full report titled “Mothers, Daughters & Body Image” include:

  • 84% of mothers say too much emphasis is placed on physical beauty for women and girls and 65% think it is likely their daughter will struggle with her body image at some point.
  • 90% of respondents have struggled with body image themselves with 51% having negative thoughts about their body at least once a day.
  • 54% said they would feel like a failure if their daughter grew up to feel about her body the way she (the mother) does, but only 33% have addressed body image directly or indirectly with their daughters.

Just like mothers, dads are essential to the healthy development of children’s health and well-being. Check out the research and tips collected by our partner, Dove Self-Esteem Project to learn more.