The Representation Project is inspired by young people every day. Whether you’re organizing against sexist dress codes, creating boundary-pushing art, deconstructing masculinity or speaking out against stereotypes – you’re part of changing our culture for the better!


Are you interested in learning how to use media to spark social change? Are you between the ages of 14-24? Join the @TheRepProject Media Lab, a community of creators and activists, who are passionate about gender equality and social justice!

  • Actively engage, beyond just likes and retweets – post news stories, have conversations, ask questions, share original content, and more!
  • Discover how to create new media – including short films, podcasts, GIFs, etc.
  • Learn from professionals across the media and social justice landscape
  • Discuss critical social issues with other motivated students
  • Be a part of a community of other activists and artists from around the world


Editorial Board

The Media Lab Editorial Board is a group of high school and college aged students selected to serve as creative directors of the Media Lab community. Each Editor shapes the Media Lab experience, inspires challenging conversations, and shares media that can spark social action.

  • Lead a community using media to tackle important social issues
  • Be spotlighted on The Representation Project’s fastest-growing social media channel
  • Serve as an ambassador at industry events, national conferences, and festivals
  • Publish original content to an audience of 700K+ people across the globe
  • And participate in an in-person training!

Interested in joining the Editorial Board? Contact Natalie Marques, at


Check out highlights from the 2018 @TheRepProject Summit at Lucasfilm in San Francisco: