‘The Mask You Live In’ Now Available from Argentina to Zimbabwe

Exciting news: as of today, The Mask You Live In, is available internationally on Netflix! Now people everywhere from Argentina to Zimbabwe can view the film with just a few quick clicks.


This week, we invite you to join the global movement by watching The Mask You Live In with your friends and family. It’s easy to buy, rent, or stream the film and have a meaningful discussion about gender equality and healthy masculinity with our home screening discussion guide. Together, we can spark a global dialogue and build a healthier culture for all.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

June Screenings of The Mask You Live In and Miss Representation

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to bring the film to your students or a longtime fan who’s dying to see the films on the big screen, here are some upcoming public screenings of The Mask You Live In and Miss Representation:

Representation Around the Web

“Of course the kind of fanatical work ethic that’s valued in men is scorned in women: Because she’s a woman, Clinton’s dogged dedication to her job becomes a hurdle to overcome instead of a strength.” – Jessica Roy, via New York Magazine

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The hashtag #StarringConstanceWu challenges the limited roles in which Hollywood casts
Asian American women. Image via Miss Representation on Instagram

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