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The Representation Project amplifies and elevates the impact of our films by bringing them to classrooms and youth-serving organizations worldwide. Our comprehensive educational curricula feature age appropriate video modules, interactive discussions, and thought-provoking activities. With content for kindergarten through post-secondary, our curricula are the go-to resource for developing media literacy and critically examining the representation of gender. Learn more below.


  • Our Miss Representation curriculum helps students from kindergarten to university develop media literacy and critically examine the representation of gender. To date, we have distributed more than 5,000 copies worldwide.
  • The Mask You Live In curriculum uniquely pairs age-appropriate film/video modules and social and emotional learning (SEL) for schools and community organizations across the country. In its first six months, more than 500 schools, universities, and community groups ordered copies.

Educator Training Program

The Representation Project’s Educator Training Program teaches educators the best practices for using The Mask You Live In and Miss Representation curricula in your classrooms. Complete the following application to get started.


Hollywood fails us all by not representing the full spectrum of humanity. To hold them accountable, we’re proud to offer #TheRepTest, which grades overall representation in film, television, and video games and encouraging more diversity in the entertainment industry. For specific quizzes on how media portrays women check out the #MissRepTest, LGBT characters check out the #PrideTest, and men check out the #BeyondTheMask test. Together, we’re challenging stereotypes in our media and beyond!

Be A Youth Rep

The Be A Youth Rep Program is for high school and college-age students who are committed to ending limiting stereotypes and social injustices. As a Youth Rep, yourvoice will be amplified and elevated as you participate in campaigns such as #BuildConfidence, #AskHerMore, and #NotBuyingIt. You’ll also serve as a peer ambassador, hosting a screening of one of  The Representation Project’s films and spreading the films’ messages throughout your campus.


Youth Summit

Youth Summit