Corporations across the country are using Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In to re-examine their corporate culture, address unconscious bias, redefine the conversation around inclusion, and foster authentic leadership. Our powerful and thought-provoking films provide companies with a unique, informative, and inspiring experience for their employees, clients, and the community at large.


  • Re-examine their corporate culture
  • Advance their diversity and inclusion goals
  • Raise awareness on gender equality
  • Generate conversation around unconscious bias
  • Foster authentic leadership


We have worked with more than 150 global, forward-thinking companies such as Deloitte, Salesforce, Google, Gap, and Schwab to name a few, with great results. Whether you’re a CEO, executive leadership team, HR director, ERG leader, diversity and inclusion group, or women’s leadership group, we’re ready to partner.

Screening the Films

Leveraging Our Expertise

  • Co-facilitating 45-90 minute workshops to discuss the themes of the film and create company-specific action plans
  • Vetting your advertising, media, and messaging for gender bias
  • Creating and implementing best practices around corporate culture and diversity and inclusion goals

Engaging the Community / Philanthropy

  • Partnering on communication campaigns to show consumers your commitment to gender equality
  • Sponsoring the films and curricula for schools in need



Deloitte hosted an internal screening of The Mask You Live In in San Francisco to its West Regional Leadership Team. Here’s how it worked:

  • More than 200 people from the West Regions’ fourteen offices attended the screening
  • Immediately afterwards, Deloitte executives participated in a panel discussion
  • Attendees agreed that the messages from the film were valuable to creating a more compassionate work environment for women and men

In the days following the screening, the film encouraged thoughtful conversation amongst colleagues. Participants said:
The film was very impressive in its message but definitely hard-hitting, emotional and impactful.  It is a film with a strong message and one to bring tears to the eye… The attendees were all in agreement that they gained much insight into this issue and would like to see more such films.
I was moved to my core and am so grateful to work for Deloitte, a firm whose core values align so beautifully with mine. I was touched by the personal stories shared by the execs and appreciate their willingness to be so vulnerable and share such a tender moment. I value and appreciate the human connection you offered.


Merrill Lynch Exchange Chapter located in Orange County hosted a screening of Miss Representation for clients, members of the chapter, and guests:

  • Eighty people attended the screening at a local luxury theater
  • The objective was to inform and educate them about women’s issues

Miss Representation is a very inspiring and thought-provoking film portraying the unrealistic views and obstacles that girls and women face in our society. As a mother of two girls, age 6 and 9, I am inspired to empower them and teach them how to overcome society’s inappropriate expectations.
Michelle Scarcelli, Vice President, Merrill Lynch Women’s Exchange Chapter/Orange County


Morrison & Foerster organized an internal screening of The Mask You Live In for a small group of employees.

  • Forty people watched the film in their conference room
  • The objective was to generate an internal dialogue about the film’s issues

We had just under forty people attend (very good considering the size of the office) and they were gripped.  We had a brilliant discussion after the film, the messages in which clearly struck a chord with many people. The session went very well, and the film was compelling viewing and very thought-provoking.
Phil Slater, Partner, Morrison & Foerster UK

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